Our Story


As so many great inventions have been birthed in the past, Go-Comb too had a distinct "aha!" moment. While inventor Heather was out to dinner with her uncle, he pulled out his wallet to retrieve his black plastic comb (you know the one). There it was, awkwardly protruding out of the folds of his wallet. Not very practical, and certainly not cool.

Heather thought, "why doesn't someone make a comb that fits in a wallet?" After a futile search, she decided to make it herself. She learned how to prototype at a local hacker space, making the first Go-Combs on a laser cutter and opening an Etsy shop within a couple weeks. Her background in fashion led to designs inspired by current pattern and color trends, and with unchecked creativity, she launched with an overwhelming and whimsical assortment.

Fast forward through a successful Kickstarter campaign, four manufacturing processes, many trade shows and a few learning curves later, and Go-Comb is an established brand carried in hundreds of stores across the US and abroad. With press features including TODAY Show, Vogue and Uncrate and distinguished retailers from MoMA to Urban Outfitters, Go-Comb continues to impress in the world of function and design. 


Heather Burkman

FOUNDER, Designer

Heather's entrepreneurial spirit began at a young age; her first business was designing and making prom dresses for high school classmates. She went on to study fashion and marketing at Cornell University, filling holes in her schedule with entrepreneurship studies. 

After her first job in fashion at URBN, Inc. (Free People), she pivoted to tech, working in marketing and product marketing at Etsy, Inc. for four years. At Etsy she helped build and grow the maker marketplace, seeing both the perspective of the independent sellers and the larger business that supported them.

After taking the leap to Go-Comb full-time, she plotted a deliberate path, balancing the freedoms of running a small, independent business with the ambitions of a high-growth venture.  She continues to be inspired by the Go-Comb journey and enjoys sharing its story.

Outside of work you can find Heather on outdoor adventures with her husband and daughter, furry companion in tow. At home in Brooklyn, she might be gardening, romping around parks or biking to yoga in the neighborhood.