Personalized Otomi Mirror

Personalized Otomi Mirror


A name of your choice is permanently etched onto the comb, up to 10 characters.

Modern Take
We teamed up with designer Clairice Gifford for this playful design, inspired by the traditional embroidery from the Otomi people of Mexico. This Go-Comb does double beauty duty with a chrome mirror on back.

Your Go-Comb
Made from precision-crafted stainless steel and coated with a smooth finish, Go-Combs are built to last and fit in your wallet for easy styling on the go. Wide tooth styles works best in long hair.

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Go-Combs are independently designed in Brooklyn, NY
Size: 2" x 3.25" x .03" | Weight: .5 oz.
Produced abroad and finished in the U.S. | Patented
Wallet not included